Friday, November 9, 2012

Pickle is back! (PM)

YEAH! Pickle is back! And what better way to celebrate than with some pickles?! What a great night. The food! The laffs! The delicious complimentary gum they give you at the end of a meal at Rumi.

It's true, there was one dish K did not mention that I loved. It was a pilaf. Rice with dill and broad beans.

It was so damn good. The dill I guess. It's my heritage. I also loved the zucchini dish but for me that was all about the chickpeas, chilli oil and crispy pita chips. The zucchini was kind of redundant if you ask me.

Oh and although at the end of the meal we all said, 'We are so full, we aren't getting dessert.' We got this:

A trio of ice-cream served on a bed of seeds. Pistachio, chocolate halva and cinnamon. Does the phrase 'fucking yum' mean anything to you? These were so creamy and flavourful and delicious. And if you ever thought that coriander seeds and cumin seeds did not belong on a plate of ice-cream, um you were soooooo wrong!

Anyway, it was so great seeing Nikki and I am looking forward to spending the weekend with her and then the rest of our lives. You know, not every day, but regularly for the rest of our lives.

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