Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Anticipating Christmas (PM)

JC at karaoke*

Yes! YES! YES!! A thousand times YES to Kristmas Karaoke!

But, Dude, you are totally over thinking this Christmas thing. Anticipation rules! Go with it! Christmas anticipation doesn't have anything to do with Christmas day, you fool. It's got to do with summertime, summer fruits, time off work, getting hammered with your friends. Maybe a good gift if you are lucky. The beach. Food. Christmas is just confused in this whole thing and brings a different depth to summer holidays. 'Cause there is this weird added anticipation we have thanks to movies and songs and the collective consciousness. But really it's just the other stuff. Plus I like to clean my house. And hanging with he fam is fun. It's not about chestnuts, it's just about letting the good times roll.

*I stole this picture from a Christian blog. I hope I don't go to hell. 

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