Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is this guy a hunk? (PM)

I haven't seen or dreamt about The Avengers, so this post comes to you without the taint of Whedon, which as J says makes everything great/hot.

Most of my Hemsworth knowledge comes from a Foxtel ad, where he walks around some house encountering characters from TV and looking hot.

At one point, a horse becomes involved.

So obviously, hot.
Also, as you can see, he is wearing a gentleman's bun in his hair, which is almost impossible to do and look hot. That he even remains a contender with that bun makes me think he might actually be quite an advanced level of hot.

It pains me that we don't just know though. God I wish this hunk recession would end. I had a dream about Channing Tatum the other night. Channing Tatum, you guys. We need a real hunk.


  1. I feel as though I should contribute here as Chris Hemsworth is one of the leads in the film I'm working on RUSH. So I see him everyday (on screen) -almost every hour and also he is naked a lot of the time. I feel like he is my boyfriend. My hunky bf. From all the past movies I have seen him in he was defo not hot. but now ladies, 100% hunk. It's true (and i don't just say that because he is my boyfriend).

    1. I goddamned knew it.
      Thanks Mondonna.