Friday, November 2, 2012

Fitness Friday - the Travolta method (PM)

Sure, taking exercise cues from a retold version of a routine in a book is sub-optimal, but I really could have read the book myself last time I was at J's and I saw it sitting right there in a pile of fitness paraphernalia. I didn't, readers. I didn't.

Ok. Lets get this over with.

Update on Jane. 
Um, it has not been going well.
I went for a walk around Princes Park on Wednesday. I did  some sit ups and stuff when I got home. Then I lay down on my yoga mat because my back was hurting a little and listened to This American Life and had a nap.
When I got out of bed yesterday, the yoga mat was still on the floor in the exact spot I left it after my nap. So I did a couple of salutes to the sun. Then I had a shower.
I felt great!

My views on John. 
Look, I'm not impressed with the bullshit he is spouting. We know you're looking fine  Travolta but no meals after 6pm? Ewwww, keep it to yourself.

Having said that, he was looking pretty fine in some of those pictures. But nothing gold can stay.

So knowing that, I suspect I am going to keep walking around Princes Park and doing the occasional salute to the sun.  And I am going to sustain the shit out of that routine.

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