Monday, November 19, 2012

Highlights of a weekend where I ate well but lacked focus (PM)

For some reason that I really cannot fathom, K thinks that I am the responsible, sensible one in this outfit. Is it because I have a baby? Dude, getting knocked up is like the easiest things in the world, it don't mean a damn thing. Anyway, I feel confident that if you asked any number of people that know K and me they would disagree with K's position. (Feel free to comment friends! Lets get some numbers on this.)

That aside I probably was more responsible on Saturday merely by fact of my state which was a hangover-free one. Having said that though, I don't really have any photos of chutney club because I mostly spent my time trying to make sure Baby wasn't breaking shit/himself in the next room, wasn't eating bulk cheese or cake and in my down time I was eating delicious food. Such is my lot, thus I always lack focus.

Here's what David's dish looked like up close.


Apart from that and Miguel and Legsly's leek, onion and garlic jam toasties and Blizzie's tamarind and tomato chut with someone else's homemade bagels we enjoyed tomato and chilli chut with vegetarian sausage rolls (by me), K's green tomato chut on corn bread, Biggie Little's pulled pork buns, Welly's lemon curd tarts, Pickle's fruit salad and this birthday cake Little Wonders made for Biggie's birthday the day before. Happy birthday guy.


Yep that is about the extent of the food photography I can offer. Sorry. Mostly I took photos of these.

This one includes Miguel having the requisite post-feast lie down
See, no responsibilty here folks.


  1. I liked it when K said, "I sure cayenne". Also, she segues like a moonwalker.

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