Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Favourites: Friday (AM)

Clearly Miss Soft Crab is a pretty massive fan of the weekday 'Friday'. 

You can tell because of all the special things we do on Friday, like Hunk and Babe of the Month, Friday Favourites the use of the tag TGIF, which we have done 15 times. Also because we are regular people and all regular people love Fridays. You can tell from that too. 

I have been longing for this particular Friday all week, because of the struggles that have beset me due to the vodka situation last Friday. All week I have been eyeing it in the corner of the room that is my mind. Casually sidling up to it, basically doing to Friday what K-Stew is doing to 'that ass' in this picture.  
Thank you, Hey Girl it's K-Stew for this photo, and for all the good times. 

It was while thinking how fine Friday is looking (on Monday, probably) that I realised, Friday really deserves a Friday Favourites post of its own. And because of the struggles that have beset me due to the vodka situation last Friday, I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to post about today. 

So lets consider just a few things that are wonderful about this truly wonderful day of the week - apart from the fact that it is the herald of the weekend which we all know and we don't need to go on about here. 

Undeniable supremacy. Everyone knows Friday is the best day. It is a fact, it is a stone cold truth. The only days that give it a run for its money are Monday, when Tuesday is a public holiday and Thursday when Friday is a public holiday. But they don't really come close.  That Friday is so clearly superior to the other days is special, and hot, and what Lance Armstrong was trying to achieve, I assume, by cheating. You wish, Armstrong! You're no Friday! You're a goddamned Tuesday at best. 

Enduring love. I have loved this day forever and I don't think my feeling will ever change. The only other things I can say that about are certain people and hot chips.  That's special. 

It brings good things. Friday is a casual day at work. You want to know what I'm wearing? Jeans. Yeah I am. Clean jeans that I washed during the week so are a little tight but I'm managing, thanks for asking. The only work outfit that can challenge jeans for comfort and style is the t-shirt/no pants combo I wear when I'm working from home and want to really take advantage of the situation. 

Sometimes, on Friday, Russeth and I go out to lunch. We call those days Special Friday and they really are special. Only on a Friday, readers. 

I could go on and on but lets hand over to J to see what she has to say. 

Let me finally say that Friday's child is loving and giving. Well I don't care a damn what Friday's child is like, because Friday itself is one magnificent Mother. Over to you Matey. 

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