Monday, August 7, 2017

The answer is simple

My mum recently suggested that LB and I should get married. For the kids she said. Ha! I said. Not bloody likely. Oh sure there was a time when LB and used to talk about it as a possibility. Mainly because I like to party and dress up but I have to say that was basically where the desire began and where it ended. Later I asked Baby if he cared that LB and I weren't married, he told me he used to think it would be good if we were but now he doesn't care. Even a seven year old can figure it out. 

The conversation really gave clarity to an idea I've had for a while, that everyone is looking at this marriage equality situation all wrong. Same-sex marriage should not be made legal, heterosexual marriage should just be abolished. People could still have parties, they could declare their love for each other in front of there friends and family, they could get married in the eyes of  'God'. They could get married in the eyes of whoever they wanted. But legally it wouldn't matter. Just abolish legal marriage and make everyone equal. De facto status gives you all the legal rights and obligations that marriage does and anything if there is anything lacking just amend that law. It's 2017 people. Let's embrace the future.

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