Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I can dig it

I can dig on abolishing heterosexual marriage. Like the more progressive nations are doing with petrol cars, we can just do a gradual phase out and set a cut of date after which no more marriage licenses will be issued. Sure! 
I think taking marriage off the table could actually really help some people. Help them define their own relationships according to their own parameters, you know? You see it with some folks...questioning their relationships because they've been together for a certain period of time, but they're not married, so there's this tension. A lack of commitment is worth questioning, sure, but a lack of marriage ain't no thang. But some people really don't see it like that. Then if marriage is agreed upon, you see people wanting to get certain kinds of rings because they've been culturally conditioned to think that a big bit of sparkly carbon confirms their worth and their sweetheart's love. I don't need to tell you, it's a whole thing. A girl at work got engaged recently and she bought a big ring that is very sparkly. She said "I didn't really think I was the type of person to want a big ring but I really got caught up in the whole thing". I think she thought she was immune to the whole princess industrial complex because she wears converse and listens to Gillian Welch. It's those ones that I worry about more than the ones who buy into it hook line and sinker. 
Anyway, abolishing hetero marriage so every couple can just do their own thing. Let's pitch it! 

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