Friday, August 11, 2017

Just thinking about coffee (as usual)

My feelings about coffee oscillate. I'm not talking about my love for it, which is constant, but rather my feelings about my addiction. I swing between feeling like an addiction to a harmless, delicious drug like caffeine is not doing anyone any harm, and feeling like it's not cool to be a slave to anything. But then I think I enjoy it so much, and why would I give up coffee. And then I think, well I guess that's what all addicts think. But then I think, well it's not bad for me or making me a bad person so who gives a shit. And then I have a coffee and feel great about everything. 

But recently I've been reading a book to the kids at night with this picture. 

Every time I see it I zoom in on this:

And I think, gee that looks good. I wouldn't mind sitting around with a group of small people/animals reading books and drinking I nice black coffee. No wonder that bunny teacher looks so content. Mmmmmm.

I guess what I'm saying is I feel a little alarmed by the fact I'm so attracted to a cartoon cup of coffee it's made me question my addiction again. 

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