Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Let's hear it for sunshine!

Although I don't want to detract from K's personal sucesses of last week (booking tickets to go see Book of Mormon (thanks Mate) AND making a physio appointment (way to go mate)) by suggesting it was anything other than her personal capabilities, I gotta wonder if all the sunshine of last week played a hand in it. I know there was that bullshit weather over the weekend that probably made you forget but not me. I remember how sunny it was because I was also fairy productive last week. Did some work on a personal project and felt pretty good about myself. And I'm feeling pretty damn productive today. I just think that sunshine really adds to one's productiveness. Unless that sunshine comes on a Friday afternoon when all it has the ability to produce is a desire to knockoff early and go to the pub or better still, have a beer in the park. And if you're stuck at work on a sunshiney Friday afternoon you'll probably have zero productivity and spend the afternoon online shopping or more likely online browsing until you can actually go to the pub. But lucky for me it's Wednesday and I'm going to harness this sunshine into some A-grade productivity. As long as Little Bean keeps sleeping for a while I'm going to edit a paper, make a mushroom pie from some bulk mushrooms that Housemaid gave me and are about to turn, fold 4 loads of washing and keep working on some personal projects.

Way to go sunshine! Thanks!

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