Friday, April 21, 2017

Keep it to yourself

I've always found Todd Sampson highly annoying. Oh sure on Gruen he may say some interesting things but I'm always too overwhelmed by his self-satisfaction and smug-fuckery to notice. So when I heard he was getting his show I just did a massive eye roll and loud groan and changed the channel. (Just jokes I only watch ABC.) And when I heard that his show was about trying to succeed at amazing human feats well I rolled my eyes so hard they practically fell out of my head.

Needless to say I've never watched any of his shows. And it is disappointing given the content. I love tribes living their ancient ways in today's modern world. And I love human feats. I'd love to watch an episode about the Sama-Bajau. But as if I could sit through a whole show hosted by Todd Sampson, especially if he gets his shirt off. Keep it to yourself Sampson.

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