Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fuck you Dove 48 hour antiperspirant

Last week I saw an ad for this deodorant which I found highly offensive. It had a bunch of women lifting up their arms so you could see their underarms. It clearly felt it was pretty confronting and cutting edge showing all those underarms. Like, hey! We're all women! We all have underarms! 

But you know what all those underarms had in common with each other? They were all hairless. You know what they didn't have in common with my underarms and a bunch of other women's underarms? They were hairless. If you want to actually show what a normal underarm looks like why don't you include hairy ones? Stubbly ones. If that ad ain't been so in love with itself I probably wouldn't have cared.  Seriously Dove, that ad was so offensive I would never by your products again. Except I already don't buy your products because I'm trying to minimise my impact on the earth and avoid the shit you put in your products. 

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