Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Eight legged freaks

I am totally shitscared of spiders, and I'm not going to lie to you, it's my mother's fault. She is totally shitscared of spiders and broadcast this fact loud and wide when I was growing up, so I became terrified of those eight legged freaks too. It's not genetic, but it's definitely inherited.  
I know it's irrational and I've thought about trying  to train myself to overcome the fear but I think we all know I'm too lazy for that. But I don't want to pass it on to KB, so I've been trying not to show fear whenever I see spiders, which is all the freaking time at my house. 
I'm doing a great job, I have to say. Every night over summer a very large orb weaver would weave a web between the camelia bush and wisteria vine directly outside my front door. And there it would sit all night waiting for its prey, and waiting to greet me in the morning. Eewwww. Appleheart grew a soft spot for it through admiring the beautiful intricate design of its web and started to call it Orbie. Even I came to admire its work ethic. And though I was shuddering inside every time I walked past it, i would never let on so KB has been none the wiser. I'm very mature you guys. 
In the last few weeks she stopped turning up and Appleheart grew sad. He turned to google and found out that she probably had a whole bunch of spiderbabies at the end of the summer and then died. I was a bit sad about it but mostly glad I didn't have to confront her again. Also, I was too busy thinking about  all those spider babies to stay sad. I had some fear to nurture! 
Today, as I was hanging out the washing in our undercover clothesline/baby transport vehicle depot, I spotted one of orbie's babies. 

Here's a wide shot. 
Here's a close up.

Suspended in a perfect web that her mother would have admired. She's no threat now, but sooner or later she will grow and then my troubles will begin. 
I wondered what to do for a bit. Should I get rid of the problem now, while it's still a small problem? Or should I respect the circle of life and let Orbie's baby have a shot at it. Soon enough, KB lost it over something or another so we went inside for cuddles and when I went back to finish hanging out the washing, I forgot about Orbie Jnr.  I think she's still there but let's not bother to check, shall we? Great. 

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