Friday, April 1, 2016

Positive things! (PM)

Great attitude K! Annoying transit really sucks, more so when there's a baby with you, but arriving in NYC really is good for what ails ya. And I'm totally on board with positive attitudes in the face of annoying situations. My situation is fine, really. I just have a load of washing to hang out, literally seven loads of washing to fold and put away, a pretty messy house I'd love to put away and this out of session blog post to write, but hey! Stay positive!

Right now I have one sleeping baby and a cup of tea to enjoy so who am I to complain!?

You know what else has been great this week? The weather. I love how it has been cool and I've been able to wear jeans and jumpers and lasagne, the leftovers of which I will continue to enjoy tonight. Which also means I don't have to cook tonight. Double positive!

I love how today it is sunny and the sun is warm but the breeze keeps it all nice coolish and everything is touched with the autumn light. (God I love you autumn, I'm totally your bitch.)

In summary, autumn is doing everything it should be doing and it's great to be here.

PS. I saw this around the corner from my house today.

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