Friday, April 1, 2016

Positive things! (AM)

Hello from NYC you guys. We had quite  an unpleasant journey over but let's be honest, it wasn't MH370 and all air travel seems like a kind of miracle to me so  rather than complain I am going to write a post jam packed with positives! And when I say 'jam packed' I mean as many positives as I can fit in before KB exhausts the fun potential of rolling around on a hotel bed without pants.

First positive: plane food is really delicious  and I don't know why it has a bad rep. It's salty and mushy and there are lots of little components to it which means it's a fun time. Along with the movies, it's the highlight of any flight. 

Second positive: NYC food is really delicious! Last night we arrived at our hotel, dumped out bags and immediately went out for pizza at the first place we could find and it was totally delicious. Today I was reminded how thoroughly they stuff their sandwiches with delicious things. 

KB is learning about how delicious proper bagels are. 

Soon I hope to be reminded of how well they make cookies when I enjoy these bad boys for afternoon tea. 

One is peanut butter, the other is mint choc chip. 

Third positive: NYC is such an exciting place to be! Spring is really in the air so this morning, KB and I walked to Central Park and hung around pointing at dogs and squirrels. 

Fourth positive: I've developed a taste for shitty American coffee over the years, and now I have another person's needs to consider all the time, it really helps tide me over until I can go find a decent coffee for myself. 

I could go on and on by KB is getting wise to my scam. 

In summary: It is super great to be here. 

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