Monday, April 4, 2016

A new look (PM)

Dolly really is a magnificent bitch, isn't she? Coincidentally, she was on the American Country Music Awards on TV last night signing a duet with Katy Perry but I couldn't bring myself to watch it. 

Which brings me to why this post is so late. I fully expected to be awake most of the night like I have been since we got over here. I was going to take some of that time to write a super post about how I want my look to be akin to Andy Warhol's renderings of Debbie Harry.

But you guys! Baby KB slept all night and so did I! And today has been a busy and exciting day that included going to MOMA and a play reading where TV and film's Laura Linney commented on how cute KB is. You're goddamned right he is Laura Linney! And you are ageing brilliantly! So please accept my apologies, readers. 

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