Thursday, November 6, 2014

When food gets boring (PM)

This blog is not only about food! It's just as much about clothes and not knowing what to wear and if Stephen Jameson didn't wear casual but stylish t-shirts and jeans all the time, he might learn a thing or two. 
But then again, maybe he is on to something.
If well spiced but repetitive food is the answer to our prayers (for relief of food boredom), maybe wearing the same great looking thing all the time is the answer to our clothes prayers. A small repertoire of kits that while necessarily recycled every few days, look good on all of those days. None of this wanting to wear something new and different and exciting business. Just choose some great looking things and keep  wearing them and looking great! Like all the gentlemen who came to our picnic do anyway!
Problem solved. 
But, we kind of already do that anyway. At least, I wear the same thing all the time, only I don't feel like it's that great, and the repetition kind of kills me. 
And I don't have a S&TC line to end on either. 
But here is a picture of Colin, the dog I am dog sitting at the moment. Say hello, Colin! 
He really loves it here, as you can see. 

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