Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three cheers for beers (AM)

I've been single-mumming it for the last week. "How's it going?" Friends asked after one day. "Fine!" I said and it was, but four days later, on Monday, I was pretty impressed with myself that I managed to get out more than a sentence here. Today, friends, I'm just impressed that I even turned up here at all. Today we're hitting the road via the air to meet LB and last night I had to get ready. Pack, clean house, also feed and look after children. My folks came to assist in the latter and still when Baby and Newbie got to asleep all I wanted was alcohol and to cry. Luckily the first negated the need for the latter but still it didn't give me much inspiration. So let's just hear it for beer. Oh I've heard there are healthier ways to deal with stress but to be honest I can't really think about anything other beer. You know, in moderation. And seeing my sweetheart this afternoon. That will rule!

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