Monday, November 25, 2013

The five stages of grief (PM)

Yeah. Tender is my heart for screwing up my life.

I just wish I had never let myself dream this goddamned stupid dream. I thought seeing blur was something that would never happen to me and I was getting on with life just fine. Sure, there were moments when it hurt, but life hurts, am I right? I was getting on with it.
Then this impossible thing happened. They were coming. And we were going to see them. And Strawberry and Chickpea would be there and it would be just like the 1990s. We were going to laugh and cry and fall in love all over again.
And now now it has unhappened. And I have to go back to the way it was before. I have to undream the dream. And that's really goddamned hard to do. Especially when No Distance Left to Run is playing.

Maybe they've become really puffy as they've aged, and seeing them would have been depressing.

Let's check!

Fuck you blur. I love you blur.

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