Thursday, November 7, 2013

An open letter to J (AM)

Dear Mate, 
Everyone knows you are pretty great at being a responsible adult, and don't need anyone to tell you how to live your life. But sometimes you talk about pursing a different career, and because you are my #1 girl, I think about that too. I just want you to be happy, girl, and I've had some thoughts on the topic lately, so I thought I'd put it in a letter.
Ok mate, here's what I think.
I think you should seriously consider becoming a maths teacher.
Here's why.
You are really good at maths and you quite like it.
You've said as much many times. That's very rare, Mate.
It's the family business.
Your Dad is a maths teacher, don't you know. He has carved a nice life for himself. He has a loving family, a beautiful home and drives a Skoda. Maths teaching got him there!
You are an inspirational leader and very good at teaching people things.
I know of at least one person who never thought they would be interested in having babies until they saw you do it with Baby and realised that it was achievable. Leading by example!
You have taught me 1,000,000 things. You are the person that taught me how to pronounce quinoa!
The kids need you.
Ok, this is one of the main reasons I think you should become a maths teacher. Every time I read some report about education, they say things like: there is a shortage of maths teachers, numeracy rates are not improving amongst the little ones, Australians score lower than the OECD average for numeracy levels. Sure, we score higher than the French and the Canadians (and definitely the French Canadians), but those people have better cheese, they have better and more affordable maple syrup and the rest are French Canadian.None of them need maths skills. WE DO! 
Also, they say that a lot of people teaching maths in schools don't have any maths training or special knowledge. They're basically a bunch of shysters. Shysters shaping the malleable minds of our children!
The kids need you Mate!
It's a very family friendly profession.
You'd have holidays coming out the wazoo!
 So that's my $0.02. I hope you will seriously consider it. \

Ok, Bye.
Love from K

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