Thursday, November 21, 2013

Project Chocolate Cake - Final Reflections (PM)

Whoa! Mate, I think you may be onto something.

First, some final reflections on Nigella's cake:
-Like K and the D.Leb cake, after eating a few more slices of Nigella's cake my affection for it grew.
-Every time I got a bit of icing on my finger and then licked it off I was blown away by it's deliciousness. Try that icing you guys! But on a different cake.
-My mum told me the cake was delicious. "Don't you think the icing made it too sweet?" I asked her, but she just looked dubious and as if she just thought it was a really good cake. But I think she really likes chocolate cake a lot.

But I've been thinking things too, and I think that K is right. Think about any chocolate cake you have eaten in the last 15 years. Think about the ones about which you have declared, "Far out, this is delicious." What were those cakes like? Super chocolatey, probably rich, probably fudgy. Not at all like the straight up cake of childhood, which is kind of what I was hoping I would be able to make and would be delicious. Sure, that may be possible if you are living in a fool's paradise. But I'm living in a gangsta's paradise. Or something.

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