Monday, November 4, 2013

That guy is great (PM)

I watched a little of The Talent Mr Ripley last night. Just a little because I didn't want to get sucked in to a whole film and also 'cause that movie is pretty great and creepy and I wasn't sure I was in the mood for all that  creep. So I watched Louis Theroux and the Brothel instead , which was pretty depressing and probably not really a better choice.

Anyway, you know what I thought in the few minutes I watched TTMR? I thought, gee Matt Damon is really great. 

You know what I thought when I first saw the ad for Behind the Candelabra? God, Matt Damon is great!

That preview really captured my imagination. I thought about it for hours, maybe day afterwards, reading up on Liberace and that guy Matt Damon plays. It's pretty sad.  I can't believe I haven't download that movie yet.* So, you know what? YEAH! I think Matt Damon is great. 

Having said that though it's interesting you bring this up today, Mate, because also last night I saw a trailer for the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, and you know what I thought when I saw it? Leonardo is pretty great! And then I started wondering if I was just   brainwashed as a child by Dolly and TV Hits. Or you know maybe there is just some internal thing that predisposes me yo thinking these guys are great because they've been around a long time and in my formative years. Who knows? Who cares!? 

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