Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Wholesome AF

Early last spring I pulled out the last of our winter crops (a few bitter beetroot and some gone-to-seed rainbow chard) filled the beds with compost and allowed the earth to settle before I planted my summer crops. And you can bet that putting down that compost with a fresh layer of mulch on top made me feel pretty productive and in tune with the earth and happy to have neat garden beds. But summer came and is nearly gone and I never planted the summer plants. Lucky for me though, a bountiful crop of tomatoes a couple of summers ago seems to have imparted annual self-seeded plants to that bed and a healthy plant sprouted this year without me doing anything. I kept looking at it thinking I should stake it and prune it and these thoughts came and went, much like the summer and now that plant is growing along the ground, but the tomatoes keep growing and ripening and I guess before nurseries and neat garden aesthetics tomatoes probably did grow along the ground, so I'm just  thinking that I'm like the OG.*

When we got home from school yesterday Baby and Newbie wanted to pick those tomatoes (cherry styles) and ran inside to each get a bowl and pick the toms. Guys, watching your children pick their own after-school snack from your garden makes you feel wholesome as fuck! I got such goddamn joy watching that tomato-picking and just thinking about them eating those little toms. It was the best.

I feel the same way when I see Whoopsie's modern cloth nappies (as they're known) drying on the line. Yes, I put two children through all their nappy-wearing years in disposables and the resulting self-loathing meant that I have finally switched to reusables and despite knowing how terrible I've been using those disposables, seeing cloth nappies on the line just makes you feel so wholesome it's like all your sins are washed away. That picture up top is just a picture I stole from the internet. My washing line and backyard do not look like that. Imagine if they did! I'd be fucking drowning in wholesomeness!! Lucky my backyard is way scuzzier.

*Original gardener

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