Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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Last winter, I stopped by J's house for a cup of tea one afternoon. I suspect it was during the brief period of time between when I'd finished work, but KB had not yet arrived and therefore the dream of seeing Blur was still alive. Not that that has anything to do with what I'm saying now, but it's as useful a way as any of marking time. Anyway, back to J's place. It was a cold winter's day, and we were sitting in her warm living room enjoying coffee and tv and trying hard to stay warm. J's living room is cosy, but you know what it's like in winter without central heating. As soon as you step into the corridor you're freezing you're beetlebum off. When J was walking me out she was clearly uncomfortable and lamented the fact that she was only wearing socks. "They're thick, woolly socks but it's not enough to keep you warm. Socks are not enough". She said it casually enough but we both realized she had touched on something that we have all tried to deny. When it comes to warm feet in winter, socks are not enough. 

The trouble with this is that ever since I went to my first Scandinavian country I've preferred going shoeless in the house. It just seems like one of those things the Scandanavians have got a better handle on than us, like interior design, lighting and the use of cardamom. It feels like it encourages a feeling of warmth and cosines in the the house, and in those countries where they know about heating, it really does. But of course in winter in Melbourne it is the opposite of that.

That's where the ugg boot comes in and Damon knows we at MSC love an ugg boot. But the truth is, sometimes I don't want to be wearing ugg boots either. The ugg boot is basically an incredibly warm and comfortable shoe. It's got a hard bottom and when you curl up on the couch in your uggies it doesn't matter that they are warm and comfortable, you're basically wearing shoes on the couch. 
So what the eff are we supposed to do, readers? Go shod or go cold? There has to be a better way. 

The end. 

Just jokes! Of course there's a better way and I've found it and I'm going to tell you about it. 

It's the Bonds women's knit bootie and it rules. You slip them on over your socks and kablammo, your feet are warm as toast. They warmth of ugg boots and the comfort of socks.

Obviously I never intended to buy an adult bootie, and I wasn't proud of myself for doing it. But I never intended the buy the vegetti either but I did and now I have zoodles for dinner once a week. The results of adult booties speak for themselves. What are you waiting for, readers? 

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