Monday, May 23, 2016

The help I need (AM)

Last night I had a dream that I went to the Doctor to talk about some things. You know that list of things that are slightly wrong with you but not so urgent or annoying that you do anything about them? Well in my dream I decided to do something about them. I sat down opposite the Doctor and told him* my list of complaints. The doctor listened carefully in that comforting way GPs do and then said to me "K, I'm really glad you came in to talk about this. I think it's really positive that you're seeking help. I'm going to refer you to a specialist and get you the help you need." I felt a little confused and asked what kind of specialist he was referring me to. He said "Someone who can get your hair sorted out for you. A hair specialist." 
Oh readers, I can't tell you the feeling of relief that washed over me when he said this. Finally, finally I was going to get my hair sorted out by an expert. Everything was going to be fine! It was such a wonderful dream. 
*Weird, because my GP is actually a woman. Good one, stupid patriarchal subconscious. 

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