Monday, May 16, 2016

It's better to have loved and lost... (AM)

You may be wondering how a girl that has professed so strongly and deeply her love for Prince has said nothing of his passing, but the fact is that until now I haven't really been able to bring myself to.

When I learned Bowie had died I actually couldn't compute it straightaway, I mean a bit of Googling and one whole minute or so to process it was all I needed really but it was so shocking I couldn't immediately put it together. With Prince it was different, I got the news and I knew what it meant. I guess the Bowie death put such things in perspective and I just knew knew that Prince was dead. Or perhaps it was because I'd been awake since 5am and I can only assume that early wake up was a result of my body or soul registering a disturbance in the universe. Either way, I knew it was true and yet I couldn't believe it. I felt very, very upset.

When K called a couple of days later to make sure I hadn't slit my wrists while listening to Purple Rain I told her I was fine. I was of course. As I said, what is there to say or feel about the death of a person I didn't know and whose death would not impact my life in any way? Except that I could never see him again perform, or hear a new song or look forward to those things, or just know he was alive and awesome. But my life wouldn't change in anyway. And so, what is all the sadness about?

I guess it's just the death of a genius, the most fulfilling songwriter and performer for me is pretty devastating.

Seeing Prince live was pretty life defining. In those hours I really learnt how good things good be. I mean obviously I've had other awesome times in my life, life-defining times, but in those Prince shows all the feeling, all the best things were distilled. It's pretty rare that you come across a perfect thing. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Prince live...

Anyway, writing about the death of awesome people is a real downer, so let's just say that Prince lived is awesome and that he died so young is very sad.

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