Friday, August 28, 2015

Loyalty and Shame (PM - I mean the next day)

SHIT YOU GUYS! I totally didn't post yesterday. Let me say first that this will absolutely not happen again (if I can help it). Since going back to work, my Thursdays have become quite busy and what with this being the first week back to MSC since I've been at work and after hiatus it totally slipped my mind. Which I guess is fitting given the topic of yesterday and todays post. Because WHERE IS MY LOYALTY? (I know where my shame is, I'm drowning in it.)

Ok, so now let's get to the topic at hand. Firstly, let me say that I can just believe that Sally Pimp changed her name back to her maiden name, but I really cannot believe little Marmalade has taken that maiden name too! Sure, no one wants Pimp as their surname but Joe Pimp has lived with it all his life, I guess I kind of figured he was cool with it and just saw past the implications. And I guess I also thought of the Pimps as so conservative. But good on 'em, little Marmy will be the better for it.

But I guess we're not here to talk about the Pimps. Really we have to help K face her Demons.

As a kid I didn't much care for football. Dad watched it a bit and barracked for Collingwood so I guess I kind of did too but I didn't actually care about it. As a grown up though I started going out with LB. He barracks for the Cats but he was never that into footy either. After spending some time around the Geelong area, learning about Gary Ablett Jr and Jimmy Bartell and going to see the Cats play with K one day I decided I loved them and they've been my team ever since. It's been easy because they've also been a very successful team for most of the time I've been following them so I never faced what K had to when passing only team to my children but one thing I have learnt is that kids can only be guided, you can't make them do anything. Baby "goes for the Cats" but he also loves the Hawks, Demons and Bombers. Because they all have cool names. I feel confident that he'll eventually commit to the Cats, but if he doesn't that's ok.

K, you can only offer your baby guidance. You can guide him towards Melbourne or guide him away, but really I think you just have to share your love and pain for the Dees and let him make his own decision.

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