Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to basics (PM)

Oh god! I have so much to say on this matter. I mean, hair! Is there anything that elicits a more passionate response from me? Pretty much no. Unless we are talking about hunks. Then yes! Or that Blur concert I went to during the hiatus. Which it pains me (but probably K more) to say that although feeling like our whole lives, and more intensely the last 2 years, had been building to a point of seeing Blur together, K had to miss it because of aforementioned baby. And that concert was pretty much everything I’d hoped for and maybe even more. I guess for K though her life and more intensely the last 2 years have also been building to having a baby, so I guess it’s ok. 

Anyway, I really digress.

So geez, where to begin? One problem is that another thing I did over the hiatus was go back to my office job. And that is where I am right now, so will I be able to get down on epaper all the things I want to on this topic? Probably not. God, where do I begin?!  K’s post brought up so much for me!

A couple of months ago I moved from a fringeless style to a fringe style. That is I decided one day I wanted a fringe and I thought about booking a cut and when I could do it and then I just walked into the bathroom and cut myself a fringe. I have to say it was the best thing I’d done in ages. Hair-wise. It really liberated me from my perceived need for a hairdresser. It looked pretty good and it would grow out anyway and I didn’t spend bulk cash on it. I am pretty committed to the self-cut right now, though that may change when I need a more substantial cut. Interestingly though, I’ve been pretty happy with my hair lately. By my standards, which is to say I don’t hate it as much as usual and some days I even feel happy with it. And last weekend I even got a complement on it, so I’m in a pretty good place. That may be because I’m essentially on the Semi-Scrubs Program, which I really see as more of a Hippy Scrubs Program, but I’ll talk more about that another day.

Another part of this may be the fact that cutting a fringe into a hairstyle suffering from a post-pregnancy wispy halo has meant that those stupid wispies are suppressed under my fringe which has really helped I think.

But finally, I think I may have reached a new level of maturity on this. When I walked into the bathroom a couple of months ago to cut my fringe I had this really zen feeling that whatever happened, I could always change my hair. If the cut sucked I could cut all my hair off or wait for it to grow out. Hair changes and maybe you can embrace that and let it guide you through new cuts. When I look at photos from a holiday 2 years ago when I had a short bob I think I look pretty cute. I don’t have to stick to the program, and neither do you! Any of you! Don’t be afraid to challenge your hair, Mate, or accept the challenge it gives you. You can always change your hair!

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