Monday, February 16, 2015

Things that make you go eewwww (AM)

Once, at work, I heard that my boss was eating a frozen sandwich. Why would a person do that? I don’t know, but a woman I work with was telling another woman I work with that our boss was eating a delicious-looking sandwich and that it was frozen. The impression I got was that this sandwich had been made, then frozen, then taken to work for lunch and then eaten before thawing had been achieved. Now I'm the kind of girl that starts thinking about my lunch at about 10:30am, so I understand premature lunch consumption and yet I still can not understand why, how a person would eat a frozen sandwich. It remains a mystery to me. Surely a large part of the deliciousness of the sandwich would have been negated by the frozenness of it? 

It reminded me of something that happened to me has a kid. One day in either the name of science or making me want to spew Russeth and Chickpea froze tomato sauce. It was gross. So gross, like an icy, granita of tomato sauce. I remember when they pulled it out of the freezer I felt so sick. And then...then, they ate it. Watching this made me run to the sink, but as I’m not much of a vomiter,  I think that was mostly for drama. But if I was a vomiter I can assure you I would have been spewing. For sure.

Far from being some minor forgettable moment, it has stayed with me as one of the defining gross events of my life. LB and I had an argument recently that was basically a result of that frozen tomato sauce incident. Sometimes with tacos, LB likes to have some store-bought salsa, and if it comes straight from the supermarket he puts it in the freezer to cool it down and give a little extra freshness to the tacos. I told him I thought it was gross and he felt that was a bit of an extreme reaction. Apparently he thought the word 'gross' was offensive, but I guess he's never seen his brother and sister eat frozen tomato sauce.

I love ice-cream, I like frozen grapes and frozen bananas, but frozen savoury really grosses me the fuck out. But that's normal, right?

On the upside, while searching for an image for this post I came across a bunch of pictures of ice-cream sandwiches, it really helped cleanse my mind palette.

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