Thursday, February 5, 2015

In praise of plans (PM)

My old housemates used to do exactly the same thing! And it struck me as both uptight and prudent. 
Living alongside it, but not doing it myself, I have some observations to share. First and foremost, it was a real weeknight angst-buster. No denying it, they didn't have a skerrick of the what-am-I-going-to-eat? panic that gripped me for a reliable half hour every night. But nor did they have the pleasure of really nailing it. You know how sometimes you come up with a meal on the fly and it's a total deadset winner? Well that never happens when you plan the all. Sure, you get the odd 'well that was a good recipe, I think I'll make that again' kind of pleasure. But not the joyful 'holy shit I've really nailed this one' kind of feeling. 
To be fair, that's a once a month kind of thing for me. But shit guys, it's a great time of the month. 

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