Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Most Five (AM)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: how the hell does the space-time continuum work? Let me also say that I am dying a little bit inside because I used a hyphen in 'space-time continuum' because my laptop has died and I don't know how to do an en-dash on the iPad. In fact by the end of this post I will probably be completely dead inside because this is my last post for the year and the formatting is going to be completely wackadoo because Blogger and Apple can't seem to get together to make an easy blogging platform with nice formatting. Sorry, what I was saying is how the hell when you're a kid a year goes so slow and when you're an adult it seems to take about 15 minutes. I mean this time in two weeks its going to be 2015. Say what?!? So let's take a look back at the year that was with my Most Five List. Some bests, some worsts, all the mosts.

1. Blur. Not exactly, but I was just looking at last year's Most Five List and number one was Blur. The pleasure of buying tickets to see them, the pain of them cancelling their Big Day Out show and the fear I'd never get to see them. Well I still haven't, but given I just saw Damon play last week, which was absolutely a highlight of the year I thought, what the hell, Blur can top my Most 5 List. I loved the shit out of Damon's gig and I'd be happy if Blur could make it on my list for wonderful reasons every year. #hereshoping While we are on the rock and roll I don't want to forget how much I loved Bruce all the way back in February. I guess I don't get out much.

2. Newbie meets Baby. Obviously even more exciting that Damon was the arrival of Newbie. This kid is out of sight adorable. I mean, Baby was and is effing cute and it was hard to imagine meeting a kid quite as nice, but Newbie fits the bill! That smiley little head, his ability to develop just like a baby should. I effing love this kid and Baby is a pretty great big bro too. It's real nice having a little family of awesome dudes. But it's not all beer an skittles. Although a healthy little chubber now, Newbie wasn't always so healthy, it was stressful yo and definitely the source of some of this year's bests and worsts. Not to take away from Baby, that kid started kinder this year and is so goddamn delightful to watch continue to grow. I love these guys!!!   

3. Moving house. There were lots of great things about living at my Mum and Dad's house for 3 years: the views, the extra adult companionship when LB was away, the easy-access babysitting, but moving into our own (rental) house has really been great. The space is so nice, the white walls, all our books out of boxes and on shelves. Finally I'm starting to shed the feeling of regression, finally the feeling of inertia is leaving.  

4. Simple pleasures. One of the plus sides of being a stay-at-home mother that spends 70% of her time with people under 5 is that it does not take a lot to make me happy. Like I said before I really do not get out a lot, especially sans bebes and when I do I feel like I'm the luckiest person alive. A couple of months ago I was at Leglsly and Miguel's for dinner, there were a few other peeps there and it was very impromptu and we ate Lebanese pizza and my children were at home and I just felt so goddamn great. When other people have demands on all your time, any time alone or with a friend is really the dreamiest, and it's pretty great finding joy in such a simple thing. 

5. New steps, new steps. Ballet, yeah, that's been fun but doing something new has been great too. Here's to more of that!!

Hey, everyone, have a really great holiday period and new year, I can't wait to see you on here on the flipside! 

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