Monday, December 15, 2014

Down time revisited (AM)

You know how five days ago K and I were all "Ugh I can't wait for some down time! I've got no distance left to run!" Well I have found this past weekend incredibly reviving and frankly I feel pretty great. Here let me give you some simple tips:

1. If possible start the weekend by seeing one of your favourite musicians perform. If this person also happens to be one of your favourite hunks more the better! 

K and I very successfully did this when we went to see Damon Albarn on Friday night. He was totally rad and everything I dreamed of and more and the only bad thing I can say about the experience is that I can't do it all the time. 

2. Spend time with friends. Eat ice cream. Saturday afternoon was really hot but I had a lovely afternoon at K's new joint and finished off the afternoon getting ice cream with Pickle and Steven Jameson. Ice cream is really good in the heat. I got nectarine sorbet. So refreshing.

3. Ditch your family. I love my boyfriend and my children very, very much but I'm pretty sure the fact LB and Baby were away for 24 hours and I managed to clean the house and lie around was pretty integral to my rejuvenation.

4. Shirk responsibility. After a discussion with K, I suggested to Chutney Club that instead of making and exchanging chutneys at our Christmas gathering we should all just get together and have a good time. After another discussion with K we decided that this will be the last week of Miss Soft Crab for the year! Responsibilities shirked, down time in reach. 

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