Monday, December 8, 2014

Goodbye David and Margaret (PM)

When I heard David and Maragret were retiring I actually felt like crying. Not sobbing, I just felt like tearing up a little, like when Heath Ledger died or something. 

That whole day I felt sad and kept wanting to talk about it, like when Philip Seymour Hoffman died. That's how I felt, like some distant yet  present... presence was lost. And then I kept telling myself to man the hell up. But as I've been watching At the Movies over the last few weeks I really have felt the weight of sadness of the loss of some distant intangible thing. 

For much longer than it should have, the presence of hunks heavily influenced my movie-going but even back then it was good  to know what we were in for. And it was exciting that a film you'd waited for had finally arrived. Or would on Thursday. 

Even though movies are so shit these days I still love the idea of them and it's so nice to spend half an hour on Tuesday night thinking about them. I'm gonna miss that time with Margaret and David. 

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