Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thinking 'bout summer (AM)

I'm hanging for summer so hard that when I saw this picture of a humpback whale in a book about whale watching it made me think of summer fashions. I know it's fucked up. But the white! The stripes! The blubber. That's totally how I see myself this summer. Ha! That bit about the blubber was a joke but the rest is for reals. I guess the sea and sun help too. 

I think I need a practical project. All this full time mothering is not enough to distract me from thinking about clothes all the time. And I'm thinking a lot about what I'll be wearing when the weather gets warmer. Mostly I imagine myself looking like Jennifer Conelly in this Vogue photo shoot from a few years ago. 

In the spread she's in lots of white and navy and hanging out on a yacht. Truth be told, ever since that issue of Vogue came out I imagined myself like this for the summer but weirdly it's never quite come to fruition. Maybe I need a yacht. 

But all this fanaticising about summer barely makes sense. I'm not even that sick of winter. This winter has been so mild and while there have been some cold-ass days and some rainy motherucking days there's also been some sunshine and I've barely used the umbrella I bought a month or 2 ago. Which makes me kind of sad because it's gold. But I think it's the winter sunshine that makes me miss summer more. Or at least the clothes. Because you still gotta rug up and I think that's what the problem is for me. Usually I've got a baby strapped to me. At some point during the day I have to manoeuvre a breast out from my layers with some measure of discretion and frankly the idea of less bulk in my clothes is calling to me like the sweet song of the whales and their great summer fashions. 

But hey! K is in summer right now! Is it as good as I imagine, Mate?

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