Thursday, August 28, 2014

New seasons resolutions (PM)

Lately, all the news from home has been telling me that spring is in the air. I'm very very very happy to hear it, even though I feel I haven't earned it.  I haven't had a winter this year, what with my adventuring and all. Being in the UK during their summer has meant I've enjoyed  months of shoulder season weather, with the odd ice-cold day in Wales and I suspect a few in my very near future now I'm in Edinburgh. USA was downright hot. So coming home to Spring in Melbourne feels very decadent to me. I haven't put in any hard work during winter and yet the sun will shine on me. That's not fair. But heck guys, I'll do it if I have to.

As for seasonal resolutions, mine are very very dirty. Literally! I want to grow a lot of things in the garden. My, how i've missed having a garden.  The Diggers Club keep sending me emails telling me about all the great workshops they've got going on and the shit hot seeds I can buy. And boy is it working. So as soon as I get home, I am going to buy a whole lot of poo and put it in the dirt and then wait a week or so and then it is going to be on for young and old. I going to plant the hell out of stuff. Shit gonna be getting fecund at my place.

My place looks nothing like this, but you get the idea.
Plus, I think I am going to try wearing pale monochrome outfits. Pale grey ideally. That means I have to buy a bunch of pale grey things, so it probably won't happen. But I like the idea of it.

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