Monday, August 25, 2014

Living the dream (PM)

I just watched the trailer for the film Thirst and now I'm feeling a little moved. 
It could be because I'm jetlagged. It could be because I have a weird soft spot for Melanie Griffith because of the film Working Girl. But it was probably the fact that I had just read about Monica Sonand, and I find what she's doing impressive and pretty inspirational really. 
Plus, it must be said that the film score is itself quite moving, so I'm really just feeling very natural feelings and I'm not some weird sap who gets misty-eyed about everything. 
No way. 
I'm looking forward to what Monica Sonand does next, and the fact that finding out will probably involve a choc-top is just a bonus and is not related to my interest levels at all. 

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