Monday, April 14, 2014

What happens on a weekend (AV*)

Welsh cakes in the pan

Well shit you guys, I thought I had a great weekend until I read about K's. And now it seems lame. Lucky for you guys when you read about my weekend you'll probably realise from the start it was lame. It started on Saturday morning at Pickle and Minderbinder's place. Pickle made shakshuka for brunch and Milo developed a way to wrap Baby in a blanket and spin him around and around and around on the parquetry which mean I could just sit and talk to Pickle while Newbie slept. It pretty much ruled. In the afternoon Russeth dropped by and because I had thought of little else since K first told me about Welsh cakes I handed Russeth a recipe and suggested he should make us some Welsh cakes. Which he did! On Saturday night I ate a felafel from Jimmy Grants, watched some 30 Rock I hadn't seen and put clean sheets on my bed. Then lights out at 10. I felt so god damned happy with that day. Lame.

Yesterday was not as exciting. It involved a trip to the market (not farmer's), flowers, cheese, cleaning the house and a dinner of roast potatoes, slaw and fish. Lame. But awesome. But no naps or castles or pubs. Lame. But I guess I can't spend the next six months feeling sorry for myself every time K sees a castle or I'll never get anything done.  

*Australian version

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