Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welsh Delights (AM)

There are lots of delightful things about Wales. The accent, first and foremost. It's like living in a musical which obviously I have aspired to do for a very long time.  The more I hear it the more I love it, I do. 
Oh, there's the way people say "I do" or "I am" at the end of statements. It is really delightful. It's  way of affirming what they've just said, not pleading as it might be when non-Welsh people say it.
For example, at about midday people say "I'm getting hungry, I am" then at 12:30pm they upgrade to say "I'm famished, I am" and start complaining about feeling light headed a few moments later and all disappear to eat something. Of course, they say all of this in Welsh accents. 
There's these, which might not be a Welsh thing, but it took a trip to Wales for me to discover them. 
I found a gym to join which has been truly delightful. It's not just any gym, readers. It's basically the Welsh equivalent of the Australian Institute of Sport. It's called the Sport Wales National Centre and it claims to be a place where regular punters like me can train alongside elite sportspeople. It's very exciting. So far the only elite sportspeople I've come across are a photograph of a cyclist in the foyer and some members of what appear to be a teenage gymnastics team who look like tiny stick insects on the  gym equipment. I get the feeling that maybe that's as professional as it gets at the WIS. 

I also find Welsh words pretty great. So many consonants. My favourite is 'cwtch', which means cuddle. But it's pronounced 'kutch', obviously. Apparently the Welsh word for microwave is 'popty ping' which means 'oven that goes ping' but I don't believe it because it sounds like something Kevin Costner would say in Waterworld, I mean, Dances With Wolves. 

The weather is even kind of delightful at the moment. Sunny and 13 degrees every day this week. 
So delightful. 

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