Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welsh Delights (PM)

I spent one day in Wales 20 years ago. I went with my folks and checked out a castle then Russeth and I made Dad drive through Pontypridd, Tom Jones' home town, because... well I'm sure no explanation is needed. So I guess I'm not so intimate with Wales and its delight but I know a thing or two (literally a thing, maybe two) about Wales' delights.

For example, there is a place in Wales called Snowdonia! Snowdonia! It's like something from a children's fantasy novel. I was so happy when I learned about Snowdonia. I thought, "How delightful!"

Also, as previously mentioned I have (essentially) a Welsh brother-in-law and he is pretty delightful. He is funny and a good cook and is covered in old sailor-style tattoos. Sure, a borderline (?) alcoholic but I understand that is pretty much par for the course in his home town.

And, as previously mentioned, Tom Jones!

Oh and let's not forget this guy!

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