Monday, January 20, 2014

This Year (AM)

Oh, hi everyone.
It has been 2014 for a whole 20 days and so the Misses Soft Crab thought we might as well get this crabby show on the road!
But before I do, I just want to say that I can't believe the year 2000 was 14 years ago. I didn't really take note of that fact until I wrote the above sentence and it blows my mind slightly. The year 2000 used to be the FUTURE and now it's 14 years ago. Wow. But let's not waste any more time like I've wasted most of the last 14 years. Just jokes! I've only wasted some of the last 14 years, and most of the years before that. Just jokes! Kind of. Anyway, let's move on. we all have exciting 2014s planned? I hope so. The Misses Soft Crab are totally going to make it a year to remember.

First of all, the Misses Soft Crab are going to be JUST FINE this Friday doing things like going to work and participating in the rat race when we should be seeing Blur with Chickpea and Strawberry. We are going to start making it a year to remember by being just fine on Friday, so please don't worry about us.

In a few weeks I will turn 35. That's something to remember (please, you guys). Just jokes! You don't have to acknowledge my birthday. I don't like to make a big deal out of it really. Kind of. It's complicated. But it's definitely happening.

Then the winter olympics will start and all that snow on our TVs will make future heatwaves easier to take. I thought a lot about snow during the heatwave.  I'm looking forward to the winter olympics for some reason. Hey, do you know what they call the winter olympics in Norway? The Olympics. Ha!

But I guess the most memorable thing for me this year will be the bit where I live in Wales for six months. Wales! One of only two countries with a drag on its flag!

But evidently only one of these flag dragons knows that holding a white orb in each claw is going to make it quite hard for them to get from A to B. Catch up, Bhutan!

The country where these people were born:

Also Michael Sheen, who we all enjoyed so much as Wesley Snipes in 30 Rock.
It's pretty exciting, isn't it? I'm going over for work and so every day I will get to sit in meetings where people speak in Welsh accents the whole time. If all goes well, I will leave at the end of March and be home just after Grand Final Day so basically miss the whole 2014 AFL home and away season. But they have the internet now, so I should be OK
I am hoping that I have a...ahem...whale of a time!

But there are other memorable things that are going to happen before then, right Mate? Right?

I will leave it to the PM for J to tell you guys about her rad 2014.

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