Thursday, January 23, 2014

Better out than in (PM)

Oh geez. Readers if you were put off by this morning's inanity then you really should not have come back. If you've spent more than five minutes with this blog you would know that: a) being disappointed with my hair and wanting good hair is my natural state; b) last year I got a terrible hair cut that is still growing out and I am stuck in a similar boat to K, ie. wanting to get this stupid mop styled but wanting to grow it out. Ipso facto hair sucks.

You know mate, sometimes you just have to wash your hair and things feel heaps better. Especially your hair.

Sometimes I wonder if I should try and get hair like this:

But then, that would be prolonging getting to fantasy hair like this:

Not that I will ever have hair like either of those pictures. Me, I guess I'm just gonna be like this forever.

Except without the fact I am Bob Dylan to serve as a distraction.

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