Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shower power (AM)

At some point, in my household the phrase 'shower power' came into use. I'm not talking about in the last 3 years in an attempt to coax Baby into the shower, I'm talking about at some point in the last 11 years, closer to earlier part of that period. LB said it once, maybe twice, and it just stuck. Now it's probably a 50-50 split when a person declares they are having a shower as to whether they will state, "I'm having a shower" or "Shower power!". Yeah, who even knows what the fuck it means. Or so I thought.

Everyone is always talking up baths. Me included. I loves me a bath. In the house I'm going to move to soon we will have a bath and I think about that pretty much daily. Baths are relaxing and they fix your aches, they are great.

But let's hear it for the power of shower. Shower is not just relaxing, but it can also fix your aches, plus it is super cleansing. You can just whip in and whip out of it without committing to a tubful of water. When your are hot, you hop in, cool down, feel like a million bucks. When you are cold, you hop in, heat up, feel like a million bucks. When you are tired, you can hop in, get cleansed and sleepy, jump into bed feeling like a million bucks. When you wake up, you hop in the shower, freshen up, feel like a million bucks. I've had every single one of these showers this week and can just feel really awesome about it. If I'd had all these baths this week I'd feel like a total water-wasting, time-wasting lush. Oh sure, I fantasise about baths, but it's the shower that sticks by you.

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