Monday, December 9, 2013

Summer Whites (PM)

Other great white things of summertime:
Sour cream, that goes so nice in my burritos. Obviously burritos are a year-round food but all Mexican seems better in the summertime, and that's a fact.

Lemon flavoured Calippo. The only Calippo for me. These other flavours they have now, I don't care for them. Though Appleheart and I did have a cola Calippo in Berlin earlier this year and I can't say that was a problem for me. But that's not the point, the point is lemon Calippo is white and tart and sweet and delicious. Just like its icy cousins the lemonade icypole and lemon gelato. White summertime ice treats! 

Sheets that dry in the sun in half an hour. I dislike bed linen that is not white but my natural born grubbiness makes it hard to justify. Not in summer! Napisan plus and the sun makes it all ok. 

I also very much like buffalo mozzarella and these nice white flowers. 

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