Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reflections on hunks (AM)

Sometimes I read old Miss Soft Crab posts. Usually because I want to see if we have already written about something, or what we have said on a topic. Sometimes because I see an intriguing tag that I can't remember and wonder what it relates to, sometimes just because I know this blog is really funny. Anyway on one such trip through the MSC archives I saw some pictures of Gael Garcia Bernal. Broadly speaking, they looked like this.


And you can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was. Of course he was a Hunk of the Month so I shouldn't have been surprised to see him, but I guess it just really brought home the hunk recession we are living though. I know we have talked about it before but I guess I felt it was time to revisit the sad state of affairs and reflect on some of my thoughts on hunks over the past year. A year in which this blog, a blog with 49 posts bearing the 'hunk' tag only had 7, SEVEN hunk-tagged posts.

So, the year in hunks. What are my thoughts?

1. I guess the first thing to acknowledge is that despite some early questions, I am pretty sure that Chris Hemsworth is a hunk. Not quite A-grade, but certainly not B-grade. Like A- I guess. Shall we double check?

I guess the thing that confirmed it for me was that although I had wondered if I just thought he was hot because he was Thor, the ads for Rush confirmed that he was also quite hot as James Hunt, so you know, I guess the guy really is a hunk. Phew, sure am glad that question got answered!


2. The hunks of my youth really came back into focus for me. Maybe it was because The Great Gatsby put Leonardo DiCaprio to the fore, but I really felt like this year I could move on from the 2010 puffy Leonardo to just kind of respect and appreciate him as an actor and some kind of hunk. Not a phwaor kind of hunk, something more subtle than that. A guy who has a special spot in my hunk heart. Even Ben Affleck managed to overcome, to some extent, his mid career follies (Bennifer, Pearl Harbour, that smug smirk he has - an ongoing problem really). I guess it as if, disappointed by their aging and revelations of them as possible douches, I rejected early hunks as if broken hearted, but now I've matured, they've matured, and I think we can finally be friends.

3. Ewan is still really hot.

Well, 2014, feel free to offer up some new hunks. There is still plenty of room.


  1. Hi. I was racking my brains trying to think of some hunks, because surely there are a few out there... I was just about to give up when I remembered Alexander Skarsgard, who plays the only not-shit character on True Blood, a show I am starting to violently hate because it's so fucking dumb, but feel I must see through to the bitter end. Anyway, Alexander Skarsgård. Am I right?

    1. You know I haven't actually seen him in anything. Maybe one ep of True Blood, and pictures rarely convey true hunkness, so I don't know. I think K loves Eric though, so maybe you're right Sarah. I guess I should *bone* up on my Skarsgard.