Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reflections on hunks (PM)

Consider this

Wow, it feels so right to be thinking and talking about hunks again.

Obviously Hemsworth is the stand out hunk of 2013, if for no other reason than this was the year that he emerged from the "is this a hunk?" chrysalis to become the beautiful hunky butterfly the collective crab-consciousness now knows him to be.   

I think the A- assessment is probably fair, but I also think perhaps he will grow and consolidate his  hunkiness and maybe even one day become a hall-of-famer. The man has a certain something that separates him from the others. It could be the simple fact that he is the only hunk around, but I think it's more thank that. I talked to my Mum on the phone just after she had seen Rush, and she did not ask me a single question about my life, she just wanted to talk about Hemsworth. So who knows where this could go.

The other thing I realised in 2013 is that James McAvoy is continuing his slow hunky burn, and maybe has made an even bigger impression on me than I first realised.
Consider this:

The other day I was driving along in my beloved Renault Clio and Appleheart said to me "You know, James McAvoy used to drive a Clio."

As soon as he said it,  the hunk part of my heart went schwing!  and it was quite surprising, and a little bit dangerous because I was driving a car at the time, but mostly surprising. I mean, it's not like a saw a picture of him. I just heard his name.

So I guess I hope a couple of new McAvoy films come out next year so I can learn more.   

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