Monday, December 9, 2013

Summer whites (AM)

White clothes in winter can be really nice. Though me, I tend to opt for cream in that cold season. But when summer comes around I want white, white, white. It's so fresh and cooling you know. And if you can pair it with grey, even better. Mmmmmm cold.

It is why, despite a long-running, one-sided feud with Gorman I had to be the bigger man and buy these shoes for summer.

In fact they are super light grey, practically white, basically mixing my two favourite summer colours into one single colour. Well played,  Gorman, you may have won this round...

It is also why I have been wanting a white Swatch for ages.

I finally bought one when we were in America and then lost it shortly after returning home. But this weekend, while crawling under the bed Baby saw something stuck between the mattress and the slats he liked the look of*, and hey presto, I got my watch back just in time to fit into all my fantasy summer outfits. Yeah boyyeeee.

Also, this love of white is, I guess, why I can't stop thinking about buying these.

And, if I'm to be honest, by the end of the week they will probably be mine.

What I really want is to dress in white and light grey all the time when it's hot, but the sweat and chilli oil of summer means sometimes I gotsta dress more practical like, you know. That's why ya gotta accesorise. Aight?! White!

*Swatches tick really, really loudly, I guess I stuffed the watch under the mattress in a sleepy stupor.

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