Friday, September 23, 2016

Questions of the week (PM)

People sure do seem crazy when their opinions are reported in the news. Neither love nor money could make me give up my sense of smell. Or the other ones, for that matter. I'm equally attached to all of them. It was my sense of smell that told me I had to get off the tram and find a toilet pronto when I had that bout of gastro coming on a few weeks ago. Someone was eating hot chips in the tram and I found it repulsive. I didn't need a Samsung Galaxy tablet to tell me that's not normal. 
As for Brangelina, I guess it's sad for them. But I'm curious to see who Brad dates next. My dream is that Winona Ryder's wave of Stranger Things success includes a little Brad Pitt phase. 
Wouldn't that be great? 

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