Thursday, September 15, 2016

Good times (AM)

On my commute to work I pass some graffiti that says "why does the universe always conspire to make my dreams come true?". Now I don't go in for that hippy nonsense but it does make me think a little bit about the good stuff that happens all the time. 

For example...

We have a new car and I love it so much. It's my dream car, basically. Everything in it works and you don't elbow your passenger when you're trying to put your belt on which seems innocuous but is actually very annoying. 

KB is really getting into the narrative of Hairy Maclairy. He gets very excited as the Scarface Claw bit approaches and then gets a little scared when he actually sees Scarface Claw. It's very cute.

I just watched all of Stranger Things and of course I loved it. But the best thing about it is Winona Ryder is back and she's fantastic. I love her so much. 

Good times you guys. 

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