Monday, August 8, 2016

Let's talk about Lenny (PM)

Reading this morning's post just confirmed for me how important it is that we have a safe space to explore hunks. Who else is talking about hunk culture?! No one. Just us. Or maybe others are, I don't know, like J says we're lazy and you shouldn't expect much from us. But by god we are exploring hunks, we're exploring them right back to the nineties.  Which is slightly ironic because we would have loved to have been literally exploring hunks in the nineties but were getting no opportunities to do so. But seriously. The notion that Lenny might be a hunk has come to me before, when watching the film Precious. He plays a small but very very excellent role in what is a thoroughly harrowing film. I had no idea he was in it, so when he appeared amindst all the horribleness I immediately thought "DAMN LENNY! Where have you been hiding?".
He's drifted in and out of my thoughts ever since. And that's why I think he's a hunk. Because there's lots of attractive people out there, but it takes a lot more than that to be a hunk. Creepy sexy? Maybe. But a hunk? Definitely. 

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