Monday, February 29, 2016

The summer list (AM)

A couple of the blogs I read have posted 'summer lists' in the last few weeks. They are basically brief accounts of what the authors have been up to under different headings like doing, reading, eating, wondering, enjoying, etc. I quite like them because they are rich with content to feed whatever the underlying need for reading that blog is, such as annoyance (GOOP), inspiration for stuff I might want to cook (Smitten Kitchen), etc. Not that either of those blogs have summer lists, but still.They are interesting and annoying in equal measure, and that sort of thing is right up my alley.

I thought it was about time Miss Soft Crab did a summer list. You guys have been dying to find out what we've been obsessing over this summer, right? Right! Sit back and enjoy, readers. But note that I have left out some frequently used categories such as 'drinking', because surely no one cares (a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, of course).

Making: Ooh. That's going to be a tough one. I haven't been making anything at all, really. Apart from dinner and stuff. I was thinking I would sew some cute bibs for KB but then I realised that I couldn't be bothered. I made a nice banana cake yesterday, so that's something.

Cooking: Well, like I said, I made the banana cake yesterday. I've also been using my vegetti a lot. What's a vegetti, you ask? I'm glad you ask. Only this super great kitchen gizmo that I bought from the post shop at Northland not long after KB was born. You can turn zucchini into thin ribbons and use them like noodles. Appleheart thought I had a bit of post-natal madness but the jokes on him, because now we both get to eat "delicious pasta without the carbs".
Reading: Ooh. Yes. Well, that's a hard one too. Mostly I just listen to podcasts and try not to google information about babies' development.
Listening to:  LIKE I SAID...podcasts. Jeepers. I like the same ones as everyone. Fresh Air. This American Life. RadioLab. I also like All in the Mind from Radio National and Inside Health from the BBC because the presenters have nice voices.  I also listen to the playlist called "KB's Bedtime" which really really makes me want to sleep but makes KB want to party.When it gets to "Falling" by Julee Cruise I'm pretty much out for the count.

Thinking: About childcare and Donald Trump. They both make me shudder a little.

Wanting: Look, I have an Apple Watch and a Harry Potter wand that functions as a remote control for my TV. Ask someone else, I want for absolutely nothing. 

Enjoying: Not having to wear a puffer jacket every time I leave the house. And knowing that I have a puffer jacket to wear when I leave the house in winter. 

Needing: Well gee, like I said before, nothing really. Things are pretty great, thank you!

Feeling: Glad to be back in the 3072. And the vibrations of my Apple Watch when I get a text message, or when it thinks I should stand up for a minute to meet my activity goal of standing up for one minute each hour during the day. I love you apple watch! 

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